It’s time to start training PROPERLY


Do you want to: – 


Build a stronger and more powerful body that fills you with CONFIDENCE?


TORCH your body fat so that you can have a much more athletic and muscular physique?


Learn some proper lifting technique so that you feel confident in the gym and SMASH YOUR FEARS of getting injured when you lift?


Train with a group of LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE who will push you during each training session to help you get the most out of yourself?


If so, then my Saturday Morning Strongman Class may be for you…

Class Information


Here is everything you need to know about my my strongman class:


Time and day: – 


Every Saturday morning at 9am


Location: – 


The classes will be held at Performance Pro, which is a gym located just a 5 minute walk from Oxford Circus tube station and roughly an 8-10 minute walk from Googe street, Great Portland street and Bond Street tube stations.


The address is:


Performance Pro
33 Moray House
Great Titchfield Street


What it involves:  – 


A mixture of strength training (strongman style i.e. log press, farmers walk, atlas stones etc.) and conditioning (pushing the prowler etc.), designed to both get you stronger and burn a ton of calories.

The class will follow a training programme that changes every 4 weeks that intends to get you stronger and better conditioned.


How many people are in the class: – 


The class will have a maximum of 6 people, which makes it more of a semi-private session rather than an overfilled bootcamp where there is no care for technique.


What other people have to say about the class: – 


“I’ve been strength training for a while but sometimes it gets a bit lonely, just you and your gains. Will’s strongman class is an easy and value for money way to complement your individual training, and brings a welcome element of competition and camaraderie to your regime. The biggest guy doesn’t always win! I’d definitely recommend this to anyone with basic lifting experience looking for some conditioning work.” 



“When I first heard about Will’s Strongman group training, I didn’t need convincing that it would support my strength. Will is knowledgable, committed, dedicated, always prepared and every single session delivers a gradual progress. I am working hard every time but most importantly I know I am being looked after and there is very little chance I will get injured as technique is Will’s  #1 priority. I am hooked and I highly recommend it – If you get excited about heavy gym toys than you should give it a go!”



The cost to join the class: – 


The cost will be £30/session. However, you may purchase 4 sessions up front at a discounted rate of £100 (which must be redeemed within 8 weeks from your first class).


If you wish to pay as you go, payment for the session will need be made up front in order to secure your spot and all places will be issued on a first come, first serve basis.


Are there any minimum strength requirements to be able to join in:- 


There are NO strict strength requirements in order to be able to join in, but it would be very helpful if you have some lifting experience, and can: –

  • Perform at least 1 strict bodyweight chin-up

Like I said, these are not strict requirements, but may help you to get more from the class.


If you’re an absolute beginner, and would like to start lifting, then you may benefit more from one of my Lifting Consultations. 


How to get involved: – 


Fill out the form below to register your interest:

  • First Name*
  • E-mail*
  • How much strength training experience do you have?*
  • What is your max deadlift?*


What are the benefits of the class: – 


  • Stay safe with an experienced coach

The piss poor technique you see in many gyms around the world never ceases to amaze me.


Poor technique not only increases the chance of you getting injured, but it also prevents you from lifting to your full strength capacity, due to inefficient movement.


The presence of an experienced coach during your training ensures that you’re lifting in a safe and productive manner, and the importance of this cannot be over-stressed – dangerous and unproductive lifting are 2 things that you will want to avoid during your entire training career.


They will know when you should be pushed and when you should take it easy, and a coach with solid experience writing and implementing training programmes will know which exercises to use, and at the right time, in order to turn you into a stronger, leaner and healthier lifter.


Do not underestimate the value in having an experienced coach as part of your training plan.


  • Get motivation from a team environment 

Training alone is really not that great.


You have to motivate and push yourself, which can be almost as exhausting as the training itself.


Furthermore, you will solely be responsible for loading and unloading all the weights yourself, which can be a very tiresome and mundane task.


Finally, if you have a bad day, then you’re more likely to skip training.


And skipping training will only lead to having no gainz.


What you need is a group of people around you.


A group of people with a wide range of strengths, some stronger than you who you will be forever chasing, and some weaker than you who are going to be hot on your tail, forcing you to keep pushing and to never skip training.


You need a group of people who will pick you up when you’re not feeling energised and who you can be there for in return.


During moments when you want to give up and go home, when you no longer want to perform another rep, or when you no longer believe that you can – a group of people shouting strong words of encouragement and believing in you can be the difference between making it and failing.


The more frequently you make it, the more frequently you push harder than you’ve ever pushed and the more frequently you leave training sessions knowing that you had nothing more to give, then the stronger you’ll become.


You’ll build more muscle.


You’ll incinerate more fat.


You’ll become the best possible version of yourself in the shortest amount of time.


  • Build strength faster with unfamiliar equipment


Sure, barbells and dumbbells are great and have been doing their job appropriately for over 100 years, but there’s no harm in experimenting and introducing new and unfamiliar equipment to your training regime.


In fact, if it’s an awkward piece of equipment to use, then your body is going to be challenged in ways that it never has done before.


The reason why the exercise is so awkward is because it’s exposing weaknesses within your body.


Weaknesses, which addressed repeatedly, will disappear.


And when you banish a weak link, the whole chain becomes stronger.


What equipment am I talking about?

  • Logs
  • Farmers walks
  • Atlas stones
  • Duck carries
  • Etc.

Strongman training equipment

Not only are these exercises phenomenal at making you stronger, but also they are immensely satisfying to perform.


Nothing screams ‘real life’ more than picking up 2 heavy handles and walking with them.


Why make the point about ‘real life’?


Well, the more you can relate to these exercises being performed in ‘real life’, the more apparent their effects will become as you get stronger in them and the faster you’ll benefit.

Duck carry training



Convinced that my strongman class may be for you?


Register your interest TODAY: – 

  • First Name*
  • E-mail*
  • How much strength training experience do you have?*
  • What is your max deadlift?*


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