Firstly, a little story….


Back in 2012, I competed in an event called ‘UK’s strongest athlete’. 


Essentially, it was a low-level strongman competition, but was still challenging and something that all participants took seriously.


A week before the event, I had just finished teaching a strongman class and as we usually did afterwards, everyone sat around the gym afterwards for a chat (mostly because the thought of standing upright was not that appealing to everyone at that time).


We were discussing the upcoming competition (I was also competing with another colleague from the gym) and one of the class attendees, Phill, said the following:


“You’re going to do well in this, Will. I believe you’ve got it”.


Until that moment, although I believed I could do well, I’d not heard it from anyone else and as such, my mentality was to ‘not lose’ as opposed to win.


Despite having no expectations to do well on the day, I finished second overall, which was a bit of an upset since I was half the size of everyone else (TECHNICALLY, I should have won, but it’s in the past and I’m no longer that bitter about it…..*smashes mug of coffee on the floor and screams in a small child’s face*) .


I’m not koooky enough to believe that my success was entirely dependent on Phill’s words, but the fact he had given me his full support and had the belief that I could do well, was incredibly powerful.


Whatever your goal is, whether it be fat loss, building muscle or being able to pick up a fridge, having genuine support and encouragement from people around you goes a very very long way to achieving the desired outcome.


You don’t necessarily need a full team of cheerleaders around you from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed (although that would be lovely), but you do need people to support the actions that you take and to tell you how it is when you’re starting to slack.


Being surrounded by people who do nothing but discourage you and/or try and sabotage your efforts can be incredibly damaging and it takes someone with incredibly strong will-power to over come these words and actions of this type of scum.


But even then, in moments of weakness, this may be impossible.


Get away from these people.


Without strong support around you, then what happens when you fall off the wagon? You will have to get back on single-handedly, which can be a lot tougher than you’d expect.


Don’t underestimate the power of support and the extremely positive effects that it can bring – it will make the journey a lot more comfortable.


I’d even go so far as to say don’t even consider starting unless you have at least one person to hold yourself accountable to and who will support you and give you the kick up arse when needed.


You don’t need to tell the world (although some people do this, with great success), but find some people close to you and tell them exactly what you’re hoping to achieve.


If they ridicule you, backhand them and find someone else who is much more supportive and ask them to regularly check-up on you to make sure you’re on the right track.


Having that support can make all the difference between remaining frustrated/unhappy and absolutely smashing your goal/experiencing enormous happiness.


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