One conditioning protocol that I’ve used with my guys is the following:  


Treadmill pushes – 


– 7 sec on (max effort)

– 53 secs off


x 7 rounds 

Now, on paper, the above plan looks quite straightforward. 


But I remember the first time I used this, the guys soon found out, it’s actually pretty exhausting and were actually asking for LESS rest. 


Initially, that seemed a bit odd, but I soon realised why. 


When you have that much rest, you have the ability to exert MORE power with each rep. 


Exerting more power is incredibly fatiguing, and actually quite exhausting. 


It was something these guys were clearly not used to doing. 


They wanted less rest as it meant they wouldn’t need to work so hard in the rest periods, and was probably an indication that they are very used to training in a fatigued state. 


There is absolutely a time and place for training in a fatigued state, however, when the goal is to maximise speed, strength and power development, you need to be as recovered as possible. 


For boxers who need to develop power, the consistent application of long work periods and short rest periods in their strength and conditioning is going to hold them back. 


Remember, in order to get better at something, you need to do it repeatedly. 


If you want to be powerful, you need to repeatedly train power, which means being as fresh as possible. 


The moment fatigue kicks in and power production slows down, you’re not longer training to be explosive and powerful, and run the risk of actually becoming slower and weaker. 


So, if power development is the goal – have a quick evaluation of your programme – 


Are you training to be powerful, or are you just maximising fatigue each and every session?


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