Remember that time what you sat back, relaxed, and just let the chiseled abs, muscle gainz and increased strength come to you?




Funny that.


But it’s a mistake that many people make.


They know what they want – they just haven’t planned out how they’re going to get it.


Once you’ve established a goal, whether it’s to shed a ton of body fat, build slabs of muscle or take your strength to brand new heights, you are going to need to formulate some kind of plan that will show exactly how you’re going to achieve it.


Want a 6-pack by summer?


Great. You most probably know what you need to do (calorie deficit etc.) but how are you going to implement this into your lifestyle so that you can get those abs to show?


Want to build 10 pounds of muscle?


Cool. Now, do you know how to train in a manner that’s conducive to muscle growth? Are you aware of what to eat, and how much, in order to pile a load of muscle onto your frame?


Want to pull a double bodyweight deadlift off the floor?


Fantastic. How are you going to set up your training programme to allow this to happen? Have you even got a training programme in place to begin with?


Some things to take note of would be:


  • Training frequency (how many times a week are you going to train?) 
  • Training volume (how many hours a week are you going to dedicate to training?) 
  • How many calories do you need to eat a day? 
  • How can you successfully achieve your calorie goal without it feeling like a struggle? 
  • Is there anything else you can do to increase your energy expenditure? 
  • What can you easily change in your current lifestyle to make the process easier?



And the list goes on and on….


Once you’ve established the ‘How’, you can determine what you realistically can and will do as opposed to what you’ll never adhere to. This can help build a suitable time line for you to get to where you want to be (unless you’re specifically training for a particular event, in which case this will determine what you need to do within the given time frame).


Directing your focus on the actions that will drive you towards the end-goal is a much better strategy and will deliver a much greater success rate than just focusing on the end-goal itself.


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