“I need to be lean by October…I’m going to be singing on stage….”

“Oh, and I won’t be wearing a shirt.”


^^^These were the exact words said to me by my client, Leroy, 5 weeks before he was about to take part in a ‘battle of the bands’ contest in London’s West End.



I had been training Leroy for quite some time, and even though he had been steadily dropping body fat all year, there had been some wild fluctuations and his progress had been on the slower side.


Just to be clear – this is NOT a bad thing.


Slow and steady progress does lead to a much more sustainable result.


But now this event had cropped up, the game had changed.


He now had an end date and an extremely important ‘WHY’: –


He was going to be singing on stage in front of 300+ people, trousers only, and he did NOT want to have any confidence issues with how he looked.


Because the more confidence he had, the better he’s likely to perform.


And since this was ultimately a competition, the better he performed, the better chance he had of winning.


As I mentioned earlier, he had previously been experiencing some wild fluctuations with regards to fat loss.


But now he needed much more consistent progress.


So what did we do?



The nutrition approach we used was fairly simple.


On the basis that he had little time/desire to log food intake, we worked out a very straightforward plan.


Firstly, we worked out the following: –

  • Approximate number of calories for him to stick to
  • Approximate number of grams of protein
  • Optimal meal frequency that he would be able to stick to


From there, I worked with him to determine the foods he could eat that would fit into this.


For protein, he favoured the following:

  • Icelandic yoghurt
  • Chicken
  • Tuna
  • Steak
  • Whey

A simple and tasty source of protein


On top of that, he would fill himself up on vegetables, a small amount of fruit and starchy carbs.


Then we paid close attention to his energy levels and added more carbs when his energy started to wane – the day after a carb up, his energy would return to normal and he would continue to smash it in training.


Using this approach of ‘re-feeding’, he was able to maintain a fairly consistent energy level during the whole process and rarely felt like he was suffering.


He did have a couple of ‘accidental’ blow outs, where an astronomical quantity of alcohol was consumed, but he learned to put the past behind him and get straight back on the wagon.


With this mindset, these binges had very little impact on his overall progress.


A major concern when it comes to nutrition is that the client won’t enjoy themselves and it will feel like a huge effort, but he assured me that he : –


  • Hadn’t been starving himself
  • Absolutely hadn’t been under-eating


When people run into a lot of frustration with stubborn body fat, they often resort to drastic measures and do one of the above, which often leads to complete misery.


But fortunately, this was well-avoided and instead, Leroy was in a deep state of content during the whole process.



Leroy had a fairly intensive training schedule: –

This is a fair bit more than what most people are comfortable doing, but it’s what Leroy enjoys.



However, due to a high training volume/frequency, his lifting sessions had to be carefully planned so that he wouldn’t burn out/completely destroy himself.


Remember, he was in a calorie deficit and his ability to recover was not as great.


So, bearing in mind that fat loss training is a myth, his lifting sessions revolved around: –

  • Preserving muscle mass so he looked awesome with less body fat
  • Preserving strength so he didn’t have any negative psychological issues with feeling weaker
  • Managing fatigue so he didn’t burn out and have to take time off training


End result?


  • Arms looking better than ever (this was quite an important priority)
  • No observable loss of strength
  • Not a single skipped training session


I would call that a pretty solid result.


How did he do?


He smashed it.



Not only did he annhiliate 6kg of body fat…


…But he also won the competition.


Oh, and it also turns out that he REALLY downplayed the whole “I’m going to be topless” statement:


“I couldn’t imagine being on stage 6kg heavier”



In Leroy’s words: 


The benefits of the programme:


I feel fitter and easier to move around. Suits fit better. I can do my shirts up without bulging out. Quality of sleep is improved and obviously it’s flattering to see physical gains.


What did you do that gave you results where you’ve failed in the past:


Consistency and stopped drinking beer. I fell off the wagon a couple of times but the key for me was getting straight back on, saving calories for the next couple of days post-splurge, and continuing to train. I don’t think there’s a magic formula. It’s just watching calories and committing to raining however tired you feel. In the past, I have not had a problem with training, but I have not properly committed to the diet.


Any final words:


I couldn’t imagine being on stage 6kg heavier – I would have been severely lacking in confidence. Thank you for everything.


But is that it from Leroy?




Now that he’s seen what he’s capable of achieving, the fat loss train has shown zero signs of slowing down.


He’s proven to himself that, despite his previous frustrations, he is MORE than capable of incinerating belly fat.


And it’s NOT as stubborn as he thought it was.


Even though he hit the ‘post-show celebrations’ pretty damn hard, he got straight back on it and has dropped even more body fat since then….and wants to continue for another 6 weeks.


I’ll be back then with a further update.


But for now, enjoy Leroy’s story and why consistency, hot pants and great arms will get you anywhere in life.


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