Would you use a sledgehammer to crack a nut?

Probably not.

Because wouldn’t you agree that it’s ever so slightly excessive?


Yet, when it comes to training and nutrition, people go way overboard.


Remember – the best plan is the one you can stick to, so it needs to be simple and it needs to be sustainable.


To summarise this for 3 of the most popular training goals:


Fat loss


Excessive: Setting up a massive calorie deficit that leaves you starving, moody and low in energy. This is completely unsustainable


Ideal: Set up a calorie deficit that allows you to drop body fat, whilst eating the greatest amount of calories possible and training with the smallest volume possible


Building muscle


Excessive: Eating a gargantuan quantity of food. Once you’ve surpassed the threshold you need to achieve to build muscle, you’ll just be increasing your body fat


Ideal: Train with enough volume and eat enough calories to increase your body weight at a consistent and steady rate. Excessive weight gain does not mean excessive muscle gain


Getting stronger


Excessive: Trying to lift super heavy on every single rep of every single set. You’ll burn out quickly, probably injure yourself and will have no gainz


Ideal: Training with just enough volume at the right intensity to get stronger from week to week. You should leave the gym feeling as if you could have done just a bit more


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