Imagine you’re in the ring.

It’s the last round, and everything is to play for. 

Whoever wins this round is going to end up victorious. 


It could be anything from a world title to an inter-club sparring session – a victory is absolutely crucial. 


Skill-wise, you know you’re more than capable of handling the person in front of you and, if anything, you have demonstrated a more superior skillset. 


Your movement has been good, you’ve defended, countered and attacked well…


But it’s come at a cost – it’s not been an easy night for you, and you’ve had to burn an absolute ton more energy than you were expecting. 


As you enter the last round, things aren’t feeling right…


Your legs, which have been perfectly reliable all night, are now feeling heavy. 


Like 2 concrete pillars fixing you to the floor.


Not only that, but you can feel the muscles burning. 


Every step you take, you feel an intense searing pain through your legs as your muscles scream with fatigue. 


Your punches are now no longer being thrown automatically – you’re having to think before each and every one, and decide whether or not it’s worth expending your precious energy on a punch which might not be successful. 


To make matters worse, your opponent appears to have a full tank of energy…and can see you’re tired. 


Whilst you stay firmly planted to the floor, they are circling you and landing shots at will. 


This is torture.


You can see so many of their punches coming…


…But you just don’t have the energy to move. 


So you have no choice but to accept the rain of punches that are freely landing on your face and body. 


Finally, you know you have to fight back. 


So you wait for when you think is the perfect moment, and then explode into life – 


1-2, jab to the body, big right hand over the top….BOOM!




Or at least that was the plan. 


By the time you come round to launching your right hand, you’re gassed. 


What should be quick, explosive and devastating…


…is actually a slow and desperate punch that lands with all the force of a kitten’s fart. 


Your opponent merely shrugs off your feeble assault, and responds with a rapid 4-punch counter leaving you feeling rattled and confused as to what has gone so wrong…


Here’s the thing – 


Skills pay the bills. 


You NEED a good skillset to win rounds. 


This is a non-negotiable fact.


99% of the time, your technical training should take priority. 




Strength and conditioning will enable you to actually utilise that skillset. 


You may be able to display a tremendously high level of skill in 30 seconds whilst working on the pads with your coach. 


But there’s a huge difference between that, and going toe to toe with a real life opponent for multiple rounds.


Your conditioning levels will enable you to keep a clear head, maintain a high work rate and move effortlessly around the ring. 


High levels of strength and power will ensure that you can handle your opponent up close and that each one of your punches lands with significant force that ultimately slows down your opponent and scores you a win. 


When it comes to that last round, do you really want to be the weaker and less conditioned boxer?


Probably not. 


How about from the first round?


Eff that. 


Being the weaker and less conditioned boxer is a huge injury risk. 


However, I’m quite confident that you already knew this and therefore are wise enough to implement some form of strength and conditioning into your training. 


So there’s something I want from you…


I want you to tell me about YOUR current strength and conditioning training – 


  • What exactly do you do to help become fitter, faster and stronger in the ring
  • How long have you been doing it for?

  • Have you felt the benefits of doing the extra training?


And if you don’t do any form of strength and conditioning training, then that’s cool – I want to hear from you too. 


Tell me why you don’t do it and if you have any intention of implementing it in the near future. 


You might be wondering why I’m asking you for this information. 


Well, it’s simple really. 


It’s because I genuinely care about the training you’re doing in the gym. 


Not only do I want to get an idea of any popular training trends at the moment, but I also want to see if there’s any way I can help you.


Wha I don’t like is the fact that there’s limited (good) strength and conditioning resources available for boxers. 


So I want you to be safe in the knowledge that your training is 100% spot on for your goal…


…Rather than taking the risk that it’s probably ok.


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