Strength and conditioning benefits boxers by improving athletic qualities that their boxing training leaves untouched. 


Most commonly, it can be used to improve strength and power production in boxers who are not naturally gifted in this area, which may help them to seal more victories when they compete in the ring. 


However, traditional strength and conditioning methods for boxing tend to revolve around high-repetition and endurance based protocols, and although this training has its own unique benefits, these methods are only part of the S&C puzzle and can fail to maximise both strength and power.


Instead, there needs to be a direct training emphasis on improving strength and power, using appropriate training methods which are appropriate for the S&C level of the boxer.


Social media is full of some very fancy and impressive ways to improve power production in athletes, however, these are often more appropriate for athletes with a high level of strength and conditioning experience – a beginner really needs to build a very strong foundation first before even considering these types of training methods.


Building a solid foundation of strength, and therefore increasing the amount of force that a boxer is capable of producing, can benefit the boxer with very little S&C experience, yet there is not a huge amount of resources available on the Internet for boxers in this position. 


So, based on the work I did with the guys at Stonebridge and St. Pancras Boxing Clubs, I got to work putting together a boxing-specific strength and conditioning programme for boxers who are new to strength and conditioning and want to use it to improve their strength, power and endurance.


But, here’s the thing: –


I need a small number of volunteers (15 maximum) to test it out for free. 


(UPDATE: There are 7 places remaining)


This programme will be Level 1 of what I call ‘The Boxing Strength System’ and is where nearly every boxer will need to start their strength and conditioning training if they want to enhance their athletic development .


Here’s a little bit about what a boxer can expect from following the programme: – 


    • Learn the proper way to lift weights and with the right technique so that you can boost boxing performance and stay safe when in the gym



    • Recover faster so you can punch harder for longer with the additional conditioning plan


    • Strengthen your neck, one of the most important areas for a boxer to strengthen, with the neck-training training protocol and help to reduce the risk of head injuries


  • Improve your flexibility and joint range of motion with the movement and mobility training plan, which can not only help reduce the risk of injury in training, but can also help improve performance by increasing range on your punches


What I’ve done is to take nearly everything that I’ve been discussing in my blogs and newsletters over the past few months and have compiled it all into one nice little package for you. 


So that’s a training programme that includes: –


  • Conditioning
  • Neck training
  • Power training
  • Plyometrics
  • Strength training
  • Warm-ups and mobility training


All of which have the end goal of improving boxing performance.



The programme is a total of 12 weeks (4 x 3 week phases) and simply involves 2-3 strength training sessions a week, with optional conditioning included as well. 


To help improve accountability and therefore your results – you’ll also have access to me any time you need help – 


  • Confused about what to do?
  • Having trouble with a particular exercise?
  • Need to change up your training schedule, but don’t know how?


No problem – just let me know and I’ll help you as quickly as possible.


I actually want to hear from you during the course of the programme and hear exactly how you’re getting on.


As I mentioned above, this programme is absolutely 100% free.


The reason for this is because I want this programme to be tested out so I can see exactly how well it works and if any changes need to be made.


However, this summer will be the only time I’m giving it away for nothing and am capping the number of free places to a maximum of 15, so I can give maximum attention to the people on the programme. 


As soon as 15 copies have been given away, then this programme won’t be available again for a few months, and when I finally release the it again, it will come with a price tag.


So if you want to take advantage of this pretty sweet deal and start on the journey to becoming stronger, more powerful and a much better conditioned boxer, then please let me know by filling out the form below and I will take it from there:


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