The Look Like You Lift Challenge is for guys, aged 25-40, who hit the gym regularly but aren't making ANY visible changes to their physique, despite absolutely killing it every time they hit the iron.  

Sound familiar? 

Do you – 

  • Lift weights regularly but STRUGGLE to build the body you want? 

  • Feel EMBARRASSED by your stubborn and unsightly body fat?

  • Get FRUSTRATED with a physique that lacks visible muscle mass DESPITE hiting the iron HARD every week?

  • Get CONFUSED about the correct nutrition needed to sculpt an athletic physique? 

  • HATE seeing other guys get results so easily?  

  • Desperately want to LOOK LIKE YOU LIFT and start feeling proud of your body every time you take your shirt off? 

If you answered 'YES' to any of the above, then the Look Like You Lift Challenge is for YOU...

....and will GIVE you all the help and guidance you NEED to start incinerating body fat and reveal a strong and impressive physique that you can be proud of.

Ok, let me tell you exactly what’s involved…  

It’s a 14-day challenge starting on September 25th 2017.

The aim of the challenge is to: - 

- DESTROY as much body fat as possible

- INCREASE STRENGTH and maintain ALL of your muscle mass

- BUILD your confidence by making you look better naked 

To do this, you will be provided with the Look Like You Lift: Training Programme, which consists of: -  

- 2 x strength workouts (to be completed in the gym) 

- 2 x accessory workouts (to be completed in the gym) 

- 2 x bodyweight workouts (to be completed in the gym OR home) 

You will be required to train 6 days/week but I will show you how these can be mixed and match to suit your preference.... if you don't want to go to the gym every day, then you won't have to. 

In addition to this, you will also have the Look Like You Lift: Nutrition Guide, which - 

- Gives you the 7 Habits you need to start melting body fat

- Shows you HOW to stay consistent with your nutriton when faced with hunger, low energy cravings

- Reveals WHAT to do in the event of an evening out/social occasion and how you can STILL make progress

- Ultimately teaches you how to eat in a way that you start carving out a physique that’s every bit as strong as it looks


Finally, you will be part of the Look Like You Lift Facebook Coaching Group, where you: - 

- Receive free coaching

- Can ask any training/nutrition questions

 - Share your progress

- Get accountability so that you STICK to your programme and get the BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS

The best thing about this training group? 

It will be full of other guys all on the same journey.

So if you’ve ever struggled because you’ve been doing this alone – then you no longer have to worry about this  

You’ll have a team of people in your corner supporting you the whole way.  

Does this sound good to you?

Sign up below:

Ok, so just to re-iterate, here’s what you’ll get during the challenge:  

  • Training programme (delivered remotely)

You’ll receive your training programme on a PDF, which be easily viewed on your smartphone, so you won't have to worry about forgetting what to do when you get to the gym. 

  • Nutrition guide

Worried it’s all going to be about eating boiled chicken, brocolli, rice etc. and that you’ll have to give up beer pizza and social events?

Fear not, I have made sure the nutrition during this challenge does NOTHING of the sort.

Instead, you'll learn a number of habits essential to melting off body fat, which be easily implemented by anyone. 

  • Access to Facebook coaching group 

You’ll never feel like you’re on this journey alone and that you don’t have support from others.  

The Facebook coaching group isn’t JUST a fantastic resource for exclusive Look Like You Lift content (see next point) but also a place where you can hear about other guys’ journeys, as well as share your own and talk about your own achievements.  

  • Exclusive Look Like You Lift content

You want a lean body stacked visible muscle as fast as humanly possible, right? 

Then as well as following the programme, you’re going to need to know some ‘insider tricks’ to help maximise your results.  

But I’m ONLY going to give these away in the coaching group.  

The Look Like You Lift Free Challenge starts on September 25th 2017 and you have until midnight on September 24th to sign up.  

After then, I can honestly say that I don’t know when this opportunity will arise again.  

So if you want to get involved and start carving out a strong and athletic physique with zero damage to your bank balance, then do not hesitate - act NOW.  

As soon as you've signed up, here’s what happens: 

1) You’ll be sent a 'Welcome' e-mail containing a link to the Look Like You Lift Challenge Facebook Coaching Group 

2) Join the Coaching Group and in the week before the challenge starts, I will e-mail you over the full Challenge Welcome Pack, which contains the programme, nutrition plus some extras

3) On September 25th, you get started  

4) Experience incredible results by October 8th

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